Today I discovered bees in the hive! They’d moved themselves in all by themselves!

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-07 at 15.42.36

I noticed bees flying around the hive as I was in the greenhouse, so I looked at the entrance, and saw bees flying in and out. So I looked through the observation window and saw a cluster forming a white wax comb. The bees don’t seem too aggressive.

It was fairly wet, so I made some sugar feed (300g sugar: 300ml water), some of which I put in a side of the TBH with an entrance open, and some I put in the roof space.

Last week’s weather: 2 days of hot ~ 20ºC at the day peak, then 4 days of rain and cold winds. After visiting the hive we had a further 2 more days which were very wet and windy.

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Finishing First Top Bar Hive

I added the green roof to the hive today, stapling the green plastic over the wood for water protection. I’ve been building it at mum and dad’s under their garden shelter, and mum says there have been a few scout bees looking interested at it.

To make it more appealing to the bees I’ve coated the inside with melted beeswax and rubbed lemonbalm over the inside of the roof, over the top bars and over the legs.

I’ve moved the hive up above the veg garden, onto the black plastic. The hive entrance is facing the small bit of land beyond the veg garden.

The weather today was very hot & dry ~ 19ºC.