Top Bar Hive

Fortuitous events have led me to be the proud owner of a top bar hive this summer! K & I were planning to ¬†build a TBH this past winter, but he’s been so busy with his Masters degree and me with the shop, that there’s been no time to start anything!

A friend from work, Bek, has previous built a couple of TBHs with her partner, which they then gave away when they sold their land. They’re now in a position to have bees again, and have managed to get back a hive and a half off their other friends! So today I went to pick up the half-a-hive from their lovely home. Its just the main body of the hive along with three follower boards and enough top bars, but there are no legs, floor, or roof. But this gives me a head-start, and I can slowly give a go at adding on the rest before the summer is here!